6 Types of Investments that are Popular in Indonesia, from Deposits to Stocks

Cinvestment is a necessity to achieve financial stability in the future. However, of course, investment must be adjusted to the financial goals and risk profile of the investor.

Several investment instruments such as stocks, deposits, mutual funds, gold, property and bonds are some of the attractive investment instruments today. However, if the investment instrument is not adjusted to financial needs and conditions, then of course it will not get the desired return.

According to PT Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia (MAMI) Investment Specialist Dimas Ardhinugraha, saving is different from investing. He said, nowadays, to achieve financial stability, it is not only possible to save money, considering that rising inflation can erode savings or assets owned.

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Investment has the nature of developing funds or assets owned, in contrast to savings, which are simply saving. On the other hand, saving is more about liquid financial needs, while investing is more towards targeted long-term goals.

"Nowadays it's not enough to save enough, if we talk about life it is indeed unfair because financially there is something called inflation. Where, inflation or the increase in the price of these goods always goes up, and without realizing it, inflation can erode our wealth, "he explained in a virtual conference on Tuesday (16/3/2021).

According to him, there are several investment instruments that are quite attractive at this time. However, of course, investors must pay attention to their risk profile, future needs and goals. Here are some investment instruments that can be selected:

1. Deposits

Time deposit is one of the guaranteed investment instruments at LPS. Apart from being safe, as a conservative investment instrument, time deposits provide interest rates that are not too aggressive to their customers. In addition, the funds placed are also not liquid or cannot be used at any time.

"Deposits are not flexible, because the funds are locked up for 3 months or several years. And if the funds are disbursed before maturity, there will be penalties or interest that cannot be withdrawn, "said Dimas.

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2. Property

Currently the need for property continues to increase along with the increase in population and better welfare levels. Thus, investing in the property segment is quite attractive.

However, apart from not having cheap property, assets in the form of property are also illiquid because of the high price, of course not everyone can afford to buy property. Meanwhile, if investors need funds at any time, pawning property certainly does not maximize profits.

"Property also needs an annual fee, although the growth in property profits is tantalizing, this is not an asset that can be sold in a short period of time (for example 5 years)," he said.

3. Gold

Gold can be an attractive investment tool at this time. In addition to the digital gold trend that makes it easy to invest from the smallest nominal value, gold is also classified as a liquid asset because it can be bought and sold at any time.

Even though it is considered a safe heaven asset, gold has fluctuations in price. Gold price fluctuations occur due to the limited amount of production, while demand continues to increase.

Currently, people tend to use gold as an instrument of investment diversification. Gold is also suitable for storage in the long term, and is minimally eroded by inflation.

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4. Mutual funds

Mutual funds are a product whose underlying assets can be stocks, bonds or deposits. Customer funds are collected by experienced investment managers and will later be included in investment instruments according to the type of mutual fund selected.

Investing in mutual funds is also easy because investors do not need to go directly to monitor their investments. Investments have been entrusted to fund managers. On the other hand, the nominal amount of funds required is not large, so anyone can do it.

"Mutual funds can be a bridge for those who want to enjoy investing in the capital market (for example) and don't know how to do research and analysis. This is an investment instrument that combines funding and raises funds from many investors and these funds will be allocated to various instruments, "said Dimas.

He said, later customers will get returns or benefits from the mutual assistance funds. On the other hand, mutual fund investment is quite liquid, safe, under the supervision of OJK and tax free.

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5. Bonds

Bonds or debt securities issued by the government or companies are still attractive for long-term investments. Moreover, the benefits will be given every month or year through coupons. It's just that, the funds are not liquid and have price fluctuations.

In addition, the funds deposited for investment in the form of bonds are also quite affordable. According to Dimas, bonds are very suitable for investors whose risk profile leads to moderate risk. Because, in terms of valuation it is not as aggressive as stocks, but the returns are attractive.


Stock investment is an investment instrument that is high risk or high risk. This is because the fluctuations in the stock market that occur every day will affect the returns on shares owned.

On the other hand, investing in stocks can certainly provide the most aggressive and attractive returns among other investment instruments. Investors also need to monitor stock price movements, company conditions, as well as emerging sentiments.

“Stocks have one of the highest risk levels because there are daily fluctuations and we don't know how the stock market will perform in the next 1-2 years and this is difficult for analysts to predict. But the benefits apart from the return of funds that need to be issued are also relatively affordable depending on what stocks you want to buy, "he said.

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