Children of Vegetable Traders Successfully Study in America Here's the Story


Who would have thought, Andika Fikrullah Al Balad Hall (26), the child of a vegetable trader in Aceh, was able to successfully obtain a graduate scholarship at Lehigh University, United States.

Previously, Hall completed her undergraduate studies at the Syiah Kuala University Department of Physics Education, by her wishes.

Reporting from VOA Indonesia, Aula is the son of a vegetable trader in Gampong Lampasi, Darul Imarah, Aceh Besar. Thanks to hard work supported by a myriad of achievements, Hall realized his dream of studying in America.

Since childhood, help sell vegetables

When he was seven years old, to be exact in 2000, his mother built a small, simple stall in front of the house to sell vegetables.

However, before he had a kiosk, his mother, Siti Narimah, or familiarly called Mak Cut, sold vegetables by going around one house to another.

"Since I married my late father, I have sold vegetables," Hall said.

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According to the Hall, Ridhwan's father was found dead near a rice field in 2004. At that time, there was a conflict in Aceh.

In the same year, two of her brothers died due to illness and became victims of the tsunami disaster. The hall itself is the youngest of seven siblings.

Despite being a single parent, Mak Cut is still passionate about selling vegetables to meet their daily needs.

"I remember going to school at two in the afternoon. So in the morning, I took my mother to the market to shop for vegetables, then I picked up again. Then at 2, I went to school," said Hall.

The exciting thing that can be learned from the family is related to education. For his family, education is the most important thing.

No wonder when Hall was in junior high school, her sister sold jewelry only for school fees. Likewise, when the Hall in high school.

"When I was in middle school, you had to sell jewelry so that I could go to school," he said.

However, when he was still in school, the Hall had a myriad of academic achievements, namely the champion of speeches, quizzes, the Physics and Mathematics Olympiad, public speaking, to MTQ.

He also won an award at the Aceh Film Festival held by the social service and supported by UNICEF Indonesia.


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