Erick Thohir Wants SOE CSR Funds to be Allocated to Education and the Environment


The Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) wants to organize the allocation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds in state-owned companies.

Erick wants CSR funds in the future to focus on education and environmental issues.

"I want the BUMN CSR to have something focused. If we just saw it (funds) in education is only 22 percent, especially for the environment, only 1 percent, "said Erick in Jakarta, Saturday (12/14/2019).

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Erick did not blame the previous SOE minister's policy in allocating CSR funds. However, he wants these funds to be used by adjusting current conditions.

"Previously, it was all sorts, it was not wrong like there were some houses of worship, there were facilities and infrastructure, but may the new minister want to shift more to education so that the younger generation of Indonesia had better abilities," said Erick.

Erick added, the necessities of life continue to grow according to the times. On that basis, there needs to be a change in the allocation of CSR funds.

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"Because every ten years there is a new paradigm change, an example of whether today's IT companies like the old days, now IT companies are already large compared to other companies," he said.

Also, Erick Thohir will merge side businesses owned by SOEs. This follows up on findings on how many SOEs have children and grandchildren who are different from the core business.

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Individual Staff of the Ministry of BUMN Arya Sinulingga pointed out, currently, there are 85 hotels owned by SOEs. However, the hotel is not part of a hospitality BUMN or PT Hotel Indonesia Natour (Persero) (Inna Hotel Group).

"SOEs that have the core business of hotels are Inna Hotel. But I don't know, apparently there are 85 BUMN owned hotels," said Arya, Tuesday (12/10/2019).

Later, businesses outside the core business of the state-owned enterprise will be merged so that the company can return to doing business by the core business they have.



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