Is it true that the Rates of Electricity does Not Rise

Is it true that the Rates of Electricity does Not Rise

PT PLN (Persero) ensure no increase in electricity tariffs since the recent times. It is to answer the complaints of customers who claimed the electricity bill of the month June 2020 experience a surge.

Quoted from the official description PLN, Wednesday (10/6/2010), state-owned stun this confirms power rates never go up since 2017. PLN also don't do cross-subsidies. Electricity tariffs set by the government for the approval of the PARLIAMENT.

According to PLN, the increase in bills during the PSBB is because of the increase in electricity consumption. Activities at home during the pandemic Covid-19, which also coincides with the month of fasting, increasing the consumption of electricity.

The calculation of the electricity bill itself consists of 2 components, namely power consumption and electricity rates. The numbers of the bill arises from the multiplication of two such components.

The director of Commerce and Customer Management PLN, Bob Saril, reveals the increase in electricity bills in June is calculated from the average bill in the last 3 months.

“There is no increase in electricity rates, but there is indeed a rise in the consumption of electricity during the policy PSBB which is calculated using the scheme average-the average of the previous three months,” said Bob.

He explained, with the formula of these calculations, there is a rise in bills in the month of June ( the electric bill rise). Many customers of PLN electric bills rose more than 20 percent.

In these calculations, kibat billing using the average of the last three months so the increase will be paid by 40 percent in June.

Then to reduce the surges rise, the remaining 60 percent divided equally in bills a month ahead. PLN hopes, such a scheme can reduce the burden of most customer bills increased sharply.

In the month of the last two, most of the customers PLN total about 75 million, the accounts monthly, calculated from the average of the last 3 months of usage, due to the application of PSBB in some areas as the impact of the pandemic Covid-19.

For example, a customer named Pak Budi on May electric bills Rp 1 million. Then in the month of June to pay the electric bill of Rp 1.5 million or an increase of Rp 500 thousand (up 50 percent) compared to the bills the month of May (electric bill rise).

After given the scheme of lightening, Pak Budi only need to pay the bills the month of May amounted to $ 1 million, plus 40 percent increase in bills in June amounted to Rp 200 thousand. So in Sir bob pays a total of Usd 1.2 million in the month of June.

The rest, 60 per cent of the increase in electricity bills of the month of June amounted to Rp 300 thousand, to be repaid over the next 3 months. So there is the addition of each of Rp 100 thousand in the months of July, August, and September.

“Surge on the part of the customer is incurred solely due to the recording of average account as the basis for billing in the billing month of May, in June when done recording meter the actual difference is quite large," said Bob.

"That's what causes the spike. Therefore, based on the experience of billing in the month of May, we prepare a scheme of surge protection is on the bill of the month of June,” he said again.

Following the electricity tariff adjustment latest PLN in 2020:
* R-1/TR (900 VA-RTM): Usd 1.452/kWh
* R-1/TR (1300 VA): Us $ 1.467/kWh
* R-1/TR (2200 VA): Us $ 1.467/kWh
* R-2/TR (3500 VA - 5500 VA): Us $ 1.467/kWh
* R-3/TR (6600 VA and above): Us $ 1.476/kWh


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