New WhatsApp Features Are Coming

New WhatsApp Features Are Coming

Even though it holds the title as the largest instant messaging service in the world, with more than 1.2 billion users, WhatsApp has not stopped spawning innovations.

Throughout 2017 alone, the company that is owned by Facebook has released more than 10 new features for its application on various platforms.

1. Delete sent incorrect messages

By turning the date of the cellphone to the previous day, WhatsApp will return to display the message deletion option (right), after it was not there before because the message was more than 7 minutes old (center).

Long awaited, the feature to delete messages that have been sent wrongly finally arrived on WhatsApp in October 2017. It takes the form of the "delete for everyone" option for messages that appear when the user clicks the trash can icon at the top of the application window.

The deleted message will then be replaced with the words "this message was deleted", to notify the recipient that the message was sent, but was later deleted.

2. Track a friend's location

Live Location menu on WhatsApp to share your location in real time or real time within a certain time.
The "share loc" feature for sharing your location has been further developed through the presence of a new option called "Live Location" which can be used to monitor a friend's location in real time, for example while waiting for an appointment to arrive.

The duration of sharing this location can be set from 15 minutes to hours, depending on needs. How to access it, click the attachment button (with a paper clip image) in the message composing column, and select "Share Live Location".

3. Two-step verification

Two-step authentication on WhatsApp.

The security aspect did not escape WhatsApp's attention. In February 2017, this instant service started implementing an optional two-step verification scheme for users.

The first verification is done by sending a code via SMS or telephone as before. The second verification is in the form of a 6-digit passcode that the user creates himself, and must be entered every time he registers the phone number as a WhatsApp contact again.

4. Snapchat style status

WhatsApp Status allows users to upload photos, short videos, and GIFs for WhatsApp contacts.

Like Instagram Stories which mimics Snapchat, WhatsApp also presents a "Status" feature in the form of short photos and videos that can be displayed for friends to see. The short photo or video will then disappear after 24 hours. ??
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Then, in mid-2017, WhatsApp again added a new status feature in the form of text with a colored back screen. This one feature was taken from the Facebook social network.

5. WhatsApp for Business

As part of its efforts to generate revenue, WhatsApp is rolling out business features for business people. The form is in the form of various customer service services that can be done via WhatsApp.

For example, for KLM airlines that are the first WhatsApp for Business customers, prospective passengers can confirm bookings, get check-in notifications, get boarding passes, and update flight status from WhatsApp.

6. Animated GIF support

WhatsApp also provides a GIF file search feature that can be accessed in the same way as selecting emojis.
See Photos

In addition to photos and videos, in early 2017, WhatsApp received additional support for short animations in GIF format. Various animated GIFs are available via the search field available next to the emoji tab and can be sent to the other party.
This feature was actually already on WhatsApp for iOS at the end of 2016, then following on to Android in early 2017.

In addition, WhatsApp has also increased the number of media (for example photos) to be shared, from being limited to 10 at a time, but later increasing to 30.

7. Delivery of documents in all formats

In 2016, WhatsApp already supports sending documents in PDF format. In mid-2017, document format support was expanded to include APK, ZIP, DOC, XLS, TXT, and others.
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According to the information on the WhatsApp site, the document sending feature supports a maximum file size of up to 100 MB. But there are also reports that iPhone users can send documents up to 120 MB.

8. Grouping photos into albums

Before the arrival of this one feature, photos sent via WhatsApp will be displayed one by one, so that it can be inconvenient for recipients if they are sent in large numbers. In June 2017, WhatsApp automatically grouped the photos sent into an album so that it is more concise.

In the same update, WhatsApp also added color filters named "Pop", "Black and White", "Cool", "Chrome", and various film filters that can be applied to photos and video recordings of users.

9. YouTube video playback from within the application

When the user wants to open a YouTube video posted by a friend,WhatsApp will usually open the YouTube application to play the video separately.

This limitation of capabilities no longer applies at the end of November, when we add YouTube in-app playback support to its app on the iOS platform.

YouTube videos can now be played directly in the WhatsApp application in a small window (picture in picture) and can still be watched even if the user switches chats to other people. It is not yet known when this feature will be available for the Android version of the WhatsApp application.

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