Plan a Vacation to Wakatobi? This Is The Agenda Of The Tourism Year

Plan a Vacation to Wakatobi? This Is The Agenda Of The Tourism Year

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya, together with the Governor of Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra) H Nur Alam, deputy Governor of Sultra HM Saleh Lasatam, and the Regent of Wakatobi H Arhawi launched a Calendar of Events Wakatobi 2017 at the Balairung Soesilo Soedarman, Sapta Pesona Building Jakarta, Thursday (20/4/2017) night.

Press release of the Ministry of Tourism said, the launch of the Calendar of Events Wakatobi 2017 as an effort to promote and increase the visits of tourists to the Wakatobi which this year is targeting 40,000 tourists. The theme of the magnitude of the “Event Calendar Wakatobi shine Wakatobi Melala”.

This is the launch of the times the first and last one full year from January to December 2017. Many of the activities featured which relies on the natural attraction (nature), culture (culture) and man-made (manmade).

Arief Yahya gave appreciation for the implementation of the Calendar of Events Wakatobi 2017. This will strengthen the competitiveness of tourism of Wakatobi as a destination of world-class, especially for marine tourism.

“Calendar of Events Wakatobi 2017 this should be programmed with either, place and schedule to be sure. May not go back again after launching. We expect Calendar of Events Wakatobi 2017 aggressively promoted through the media online and offline,” said Arief Yahya.

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Last year tourism Sultra grow 19.5 percent, visited 22.380 stay in (15.668 domestic tourism and 6.712 tourists).

Gubernur Sultra H Nur Alam said the purpose of organizing these activities to promote Wakatobi as one of the leading tourist destinations in Indonesia and the welfare of the community, especially coastal communities and small islands.

“Calendar of Events Wakatobi 2017 is the first year as event are summarized into calendar to introduce a series of festival activities based on the beauty of Wakatobi Island to the world,” said Nur Alam.

The Agenda of the tourism Wakatobi 2017 begin in January, followed in April by held HUT the People of Kecamatan Wangi-Wangi Selatan (15-20 April 2017), Wowine (Women) Festival (17-20 May 2017), the Festival of Tomia Island (28-30 June 2017) as the festival based on the island, the visit of the cruise ship Celedonian Sky (13 December 2017) which shows the Wakatobi as a line sightseeing cruise.

The next Wonderful Sail in 2017 took place on 10-13 August. This event will be attended by about 50 yachts anchored in the Water Front City on the Island of Wangi-Wangi. The Festival Sampea Liya (28-30 August 2017) is a cultural festival Liya. The Festival Barata Kahedupa (15-18 September 2017) as the Festival of Culture of the People of the Island of Kaledupa.

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The next Night in Liya Togo (28 July 2017) is a Cultural Festival Wakatobi especially the people of Liya Togo; Wakatobi Wave (19-22 October 2017) is the Culmination of the Festival Activities in the Wakatobi which is also included in the calendar of national tourism.

Calendar of Events Wakatobi 2017 ending with the ANNIVERSARY of the Wakatobi on December 18, as a celebration of the end of the year in Wakatobi.


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