Putra Siregar Explains the Suddenly Viral 2017 Arrest Case in 2020

Putra Siregar Explains the Suddenly Viral 2017 Arrest Case in 2020

Many people are confused about why the case that occurred in 2017 is back in full swing in 2020 and plus Putra Siregar's photo is clearly displayed on social media.

Regarding this, the YouTuber and the owner of the PS Store cellphone shop gave an explanation through Deddy Corbuzier's podcast "Clarifying the Fraud of Putra Siregar-PS Store".

"There I said, 'wow I'm not a murderer, just a murderer with a censored face', how come I am a suspected problem, it is indicated that the goods I bought have not finished customs clearance, or I love that my face has been plastered like that," said Putra, quoted on Thursday ( 30/7/2020).

"Wow, this social sanction is extraordinary, yes," he continued.

Putra then explained about the appearance of his busy face in recent days related to cases that have occurred since 2017.

"I was wrong in 2017, but I already gave money if it was wrong and so on, but why suddenly my face was uploaded, I asked (it was said) 'oh sorry this is out of control, we will post it, but it has been captured, share everywhere, "said Putra.

"You don't ask out of control how did it happen?" asked Deddy later.

"Oh this is our public relations," said Putra.

However, the Son did not want to judge or blame others, for him what was happening to him at this time.

Even if this case had something to do with business opponents, Putra also didn't want to sue him back and only prayed for them to get guidance immediately.

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