Raisa-All Achieves the best composer of the year in MAMA

Raisa-All Achieves the best composer of the year in MAMA

Not only Agnez Mo which gets appreciation in the pehelatan Mhnet Music Awards (MAMA) 2017.

Two penaiyi other Indonesian, Raisa Andriana and Isyana Sarasvati, also won the penghargharghargaanam per mutatan Asia.

Raisa And Keep being chosen to be the best composer of the year for their duet, "Anganku Anganmu".

Raisa had the opportunity to present in the MAMA 2017 and receive direct trophy Singh pangharha'aha lalsebut in hong kong on Jumatu (12/2017).

"Pride is different, dianugaskan Mnet Asian Music Award yesterday.

We won pargharghargaan in the professional category; the Best Composer of the Year 2017, " wrote Raisa account Instagram - nya, @raisa690,  on min Jang (3/11/2017).

"Personally, he reached a new high for me as an artist / musician .

Thank you to my partner @lsyanasarasvati , note & Sony Indonesia, danima most pending, terawatir Yourraisah Yourrais & Isyanation !"he added.

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Meanwhile, Isyana, which periodically comes in the MAMA 2017, menyampaisahagi for the appreciation tsebututanya Instagram-nya, @isyanasarasvati.

"This year is very beautiful for me. Appreciated for what I pull out pure from my heart is the best feeling I can imagine.

Thank you very much @mnet_mamafor awarding me & @raisa690 as the best composer of the year 2017 in the professional category.

I hope that no matter what we do in the future will always be based on love for our spirit," wrote Keep.

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