Collapsed House due to Galian Channel, Owner Hopes Responsible City Government


Joko Suseno, a resident of Jalan Kayu Manis IX, Matraman, East Jakarta, whose house collapsed because it was allegedly affected by the channel management project to hold the government responsible.

The front of Joko's house and another house next to it collapsed on Friday (12/13/2019) night around 23.15 WIB. He told, initially the floor in the house precisely to the crack toilet.

"This is the blindness of my house, right when I want to enter (toilet) my floor tiles have cracked, and some of the lands here have collapsed down. The sound like the building is going to collapse, krekkk ... that is," Joko said, Saturday.

Joko then ran to the front of his house and told the excavation workers who were still at the location.

The excavation workers could not do much because soon, the terrace of Seno's house and his neighbor collapsed.

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The occupants of the house had left the house before the front of the house collapsed.

"Many who witnessed it also saw this incident (collapsed). The material (which collapsed) was only here (in front of the house) in alhamdulillah, there were none if there were victims,"   he said.

At present, Joko and his family are staying at a relative's house, which is directly behind his house.

Hoping to be hiked

He hopes the contractor or the city government can immediately improve its dwelling, which is a legacy.

"The point is I want to ask for accountability at that time, that night. There has been no response until this afternoon. He said I still want to finish this project first, but in my opinion, first complete the building (collapse). Initially, "said the 38-year-old man.

Joko's house and one house next to it are thought to have collapsed due to a waterworks project being carried out on the road in front of the house.

Novi, Joko's neighbor, said that the drains were too wide to coincide with residents' houses. The width of the excavation is about 100 centimeters.




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