The Hall failed to get a scholarship 53 times



Graduated from college and graduated in November 2016, Aula worked as a blogger for the lifestyle world and also engaged in social media.

He even teaches the Qur'an and the Yellow Book in traditional pesantren or teaches physics, both on campus as well as at schools for the national science Olympics in Aceh.

Then, the thought of studying abroad came up. The hall was also known as a 'scholarship hunter,' aka scholarship hunter since college.

"During my S1, I tried various scholarships, short courses, conferences, exchange programs abroad, which always received a rejection," he said.

Up to 53 times, the Hall applied for scholarships, but none of them succeeded.

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Then he got the information from his colleague so that the USAID scholarship list for achievement in the US Masters program. What's interesting is that Mak Cut encouraged for the Hall to try it.

Until the Hall managed to get a scholarship to study in America and was able to set foot for the first time in America in June 2018.

His campus is Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, which is included in the list of the 50 best national universities in America, according to the U.S. website. News & World Report.

On that campus, the Hall chose the Instructional Technology major. The department was selected because he plans to become part of the people who build technology in the world of education.



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