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After being released internationally in September, Samsung's first folding-screen phone, Galaxy Fold, went on sale in Indonesia through a pre-order session held on Friday (13/13/2019).

As a folding phone, Galaxy Fold is unique in the form of a 7.3-inch flexible screen (2,152 x 1,536 pixels, 4.2: 3), which can be bent inward, so that the shape of the device changes from a tablet to a smartphone.

On the outside, there is a second screen called "Cover Display" with a size of 4.6 inches (1,680 x 720 pixels, 21: 9) that can be used when the Galaxy Fold is folded.

Through the App Continuity feature, applications that run on the Cover Display will immediately open on the inner screen, if the user spreads the device.

Galaxy Fold is folded. On the outside, there is a second screen (Cover Display) measuring 4.6 inches, along with a 10 MP selfie camera (photo left). There are three main cameras in the back, consisting of a 12 MP full camera (f / 1.5-2.4), a 12 MP telephoto camera (f / 2.4), and a 16 MP (f / 2.2) ultra fully camera.
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"App Continuity will immediately open the application in the same condition as on the outside screen, so users do not need to repeat by reopening the application," said Samsung Indonesia Product Marketing, Taufiq Furqan.

With a screen area of   7.3 inches, the Galaxy Fold becomes the size of a small tablet and is comfortable when used to view content on the screen. As many as three applications at once can be run on the screen via a split-screen mechanism to facilitate multitasking.

Surprisingly, the Galaxy Fold turned out to be very powerful and fun to be used to play games. The large screen makes the sensation of playing like on a tablet like the iPad Mini, also supported by its high performance with Snapdragon 855, 12 GB RAM, and 512 GB storage.

Galaxy Fold turned out to be fun to play games. High performance, widescreen like a tablet. Audio feels excellent thanks to a pair of speakers that produce stereo effects.
Plus, when used in tablet mode and landscape orientation to play games, on the right and left side, there are speakers so that it produces stereo effects, like a gaming cellphone that attaches a pair of loudspeakers.

Upgraded version

Galaxy Fold, which is marketed in Indonesia, is an upgraded version of Samsung, aka improved design. This device will initially be released globally in mid-2019 but was delayed due to problematic hinges.

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Samsung then made several changes to strengthen the structure of the Galaxy Fold screen, later officially released it some time ago.

Taufiq explained, the Galaxy Fold screen uses an AMOLED panel that is flexible and can be bent. The difference from other smartphones lies in the screen coating.

Instead of thick glass or Gorilla Glass, Galaxy Fold uses a flexible polyimide coating material so that the screen can be folded.

The Galaxy Fold is half-open, showing the hinges on the bottom.
"The Galaxy Fold screen can be opened and closed as much as 200,000 times, or equivalent to 5 years for normal use," explained Taufiq about the durability of the folding screen of this phone.

For Galaxy Fold sold in Indonesia, Samsung provides a 1-year warranty for the screen if the screen experiences problems while in the warranty period, the owner can get a replacement by only paying Rp. 2 million.

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Outside the warranty period, to replace the screen, the owner must spend Rp 9 million.

KompasTekno briefly tested the Galaxy Fold item before being released officially in Indonesia. Check out the full figure of this $ 30,888,000 device in a series of photos at the following link.

Also check out the Indonesian version of the Galaxy Fold hands-on, along with a discussion of screen strength and the difference with the initial release which has a problem with the screen,


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